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scooter maxima

Maxima Scooter

With the maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs, the Pride Maxima 4 Wheeled Heavy Duty Luxury Scooter
has earned its name. The Pride Maxima 4 Wheeled Heavy Duty Luxury Scooter has been busy upgrading
components: the ultra heavy duty drive train, the 110 amp controller, the 22" wide seat, and the extra-
wide platform that offers increased stability. You can expect a full lighting package, flat-free tires, and
rear bumper all standard with your Pride Maxima 4 Wheeled Heavy Duty Luxury Scooter. Wt Capacity:
500 lb

victory scooter

Victory 10

The sleek, sporty Victory 10 scooter delivers high performance operation, all-new features and feather-
touch disassembly. with a full complement of advanced standard features like exclusive low-profile
tires, backlit battery gauge, and wraparound delta tiller, the Victory® is a greater value than ever before.